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Chaz Wolfe

454 | From The Bronx To Business, Embracing Sobriety, And The Power Of Belief

E454 • May 6, 2024 • 49 mins

Chaz Wolfe welcomes Sean Martin to the Kings Stage. Sean is successful entrepreneur from the Bronx who transitioned from corporate to owning a durable medical equipment business. They discuss Sean's upbringing, education, brushes with law, and decision to get sober. They discuss the harsh reality of success and the importance of defining personal purpose.

Key Points

  • At twenty-nine, Sean Martin found himself serving a 2-year prison sentence, which became a transformative experience where he sobered up, redefined his identity, and planned the next decade of his life, leading to significant personal and professional achievements.
  • Sean Martin's entrepreneurial success in the medical supply field and commercial real estate investing is rooted in building strong relationships, leveraging value-add services for clients, and embracing the mindset that 10x growth is easier than 2x because it demands complete reinvention and learning from those who've already succeeded.
  • Chaz and Sean emphasize the importance of believing in oneself, recognizing that success often requires letting go of past influences and environments, and intentionally curating one's social media feeds to focus on growth, learning, and positive impact rather than entertainment and distraction.

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