458 | Quit Losing Customers? | EASY BUTTON▶️
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458 | Quit Losing Customers? | EASY BUTTON▶️

E458 • Jun 3, 2024 • 52 mins

Guest Armando LeDuc shares insights on content creation, mapping out client journeys, and overcoming imposter syndrome. The episode also explores the unique entrepreneur challenges, the influence of trauma in business, and team diversity. Tune in now!

Key Points

  • Lost about $50,000 overnight, which led to a pivotal moment of re-evaluation and the realization that there was no clear client journey mapped out for the business.
  • Implementing a client journey and incorporating the principles of the 5 love languages into business relationships can transform client satisfaction and increase referrals, revenue, and employee engagement.
  • Authenticity in personal branding and content creation, especially when tied to one's passion or a transformative experience, can significantly impact and resonate with the audience, leading to personal and business growth.
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