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Gathering The Kings
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Chaz Wolfe

455 | She Lost Everything Then Built A Finance Empire

E455 • May 13, 2024 • 36 mins

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Janine Jennings to the stage to discuss her journey from tragedy to financial independence. They discuss key points such as turning adversity into blessings, the importance of belief in entrepreneurship, and the concept of a "Quintillionaire number". Janine shares her experiences of resilience and her transition from hairstylist to tax preparer. The episode concludes with a step-by-step guide on calculating your Quintillionaire number.

Key Points

  • Turning tragedy into motivation can lead to financial independence and the realization of the importance of savings and retirement planning.
  • Understanding and organizing spending is crucial for making informed decisions about one's future, business, and retirement.
  • Knowing your "quintillionaire number," a unique retirement figure, helps in planning the quality of life for the future and is a critical step for entrepreneurs at any stage.
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