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Chaz Wolfe

456 | Cyber Security Expert: How Fear Controls Your Business

E456 • May 20, 2024 • 50 mins

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur Rick Jordan to the kings stage. They discuss overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and fear. They explore Jordan's journey of taking his company public, the neurology of fear, and the emotions tied to parenthood. Jordan provides insights into his business building rule of thirds, revenue generation, and the transition from startup to a scaled business.

Key Points

  • Fear is best addressed through action, as the only way to overcome fear is to do something about it.
  • In parenting, proximity is key, as spending time with your children can lead to the best conversations and a strong, secure relationship.
  • The Rule of Thirds in business financials suggests dividing revenue into thirds for cost of goods sold, overhead costs, and net income, allowing for reinvestment and growth.

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