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Chaz Wolfe

453 | Small Business Video Content Marketing Made Simple

E453 • Apr 29, 2024 • 48 mins

Host Chaz Wolfe welcomes Cam Beaudoin to the kings stage. In this episode, they discuss starting a business while balancing family life, transitioning from a side gig to your main focus, and the importance of video content. They dive into the world professional speaking, elevating brand presence, building client trust, and the importance of a demo reel. They also touch on reframing perspectives for success, defining your mission, changing money mindsets, and Cam's offered services.

Key Points

  • Video content is crucial for brands, with a 250% increase in consumption over the past five years, and incorporating accessibility features like captions can significantly enhance usability and reach.
  • Investing in a speaking business by treating it like a full-fledged enterprise and using tools like a speaker reel can help speakers establish trust, demonstrate expertise, and secure more speaking engagements.
  • Entrepreneurs, especially those starting a business with children, should clearly define their work-life boundaries, risk tolerance, and business goals to effectively balance family responsibilities with business growth.

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